Our Kitchens

Our kitchens are designed and made in Britain and manufactured to the highest European standards to satisfy the demands and current trends of the British home. Our kitchens are manufactured based on German engineering and designed to bring Italian beauty to your home.

We supply cabinets in any size and pride ourselves on the exceptional craftsmanship of our products. Our flexible offer will satisfy the most demanding tastes and styles. Our carcasses are made of high quality environmentally friendly boards available in a wide range of colours and a variety of surface structures. Carcasses can also be lacquered, veneered or made of solid timber and every cabinet can be fully customised to suit individual preferences.

Our cabinet doors and drawer fronts can be made of any material, in any style, any surface finish, any colour and any size. The most popular finishes are exotic or traditional wood veneers, matt or gloss lacquered doors (we use RAL and NCS colour charts); acrylic, laminate or painted glass doors. The minimum thickness of our cabinet doors is 18 mm. All cabinets come with Blum soft closing mechanisms as standard, which have lifetime warranty. We supply kitchens in any style, the most popular of which are handleless kitchens, with inset handles, framed and in-frame.

All our cabinets are rigid and are hand built to order using traditional glue and dowel techniques.

We constantly seek inspiration in the world that surrounds us drawing on existing styles and techniques, but practicality is at the core of our design process. We combine kitchen design with the reality of space available in British homes. We aim to create the best possible solution with the space available. Each cabinet is tailored to suit individual needs and includes any necessary interior components and accessories. Our design process also includes creative lighting to complement the scheme.

Based on your individual taste and preferences, there are endless options for furnishing and personalising your kitchen and creating a number of solutions that will be unique and functional for you. After 18 years of designing and installing kitchens, we are well placed to design and manage your project with confidence. The high degree of quality and care that features in all our kitchens will complement your home beautifully. With every project we undertake, we constantly aspire to do even better, so that all elements of your new kitchen are fused into a perfect harmony. Below are only a few examples of the unlimited colour/texture combinations we can create.