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Ashenden Road, Hackney

A functional kitchen with timeless oak shaker cabinetry painted in neutral taupe. Black handles have been used here to add character to the neutral colour scheme. The kitchen features Carrara style worktops and black appliances.

This kitchen has been designed for a lovely couple in a Victorian home with a classic galley layout. The couple like to cook and bake, so we focused on maximising worktop space. The kitchen has been designed to create two zones – the main cooking zone and a tea and coffee zone with additional narrower worktop space for small appliances. The kitchen features lots of storage space with functional wide drawers, storage larders and integrated bins. It is a lovely space to enjoy and a functional kitchen for every day use, as well as to prepare for a larger gathering.



CABINETRY: Black Stained Ash
WORKTOPS: Granite (Black River)



We can create cabinets in any style, colour, texture or finish – whatever your heart desires. Whether you are looking for a modern, minimalist or traditional cabinets, our versatile design style will satisfy the most demanding tastes and styles. Our most popular painted cabinets are available in over 2000 colours offering you unrivalled flexibility to create the furniture you always dreamed of. Browse our ranges for initial inspiration and book a design consultation to discuss your requirements.

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